how it works

First Time Registration

Step 1: Business Registration

Log on to shoppyfier, under business link, complete the login process.

Step 2: Add Business

Once you have completed the login page, you will be required to complete the business page. Fill details like company name, what is the brand under which you conduct business and all other essential details about your business.

Step 3: Add Store

Whether you are an individual store, or an exhibitor or have multiple store, please add the information in this section.

Step 4: Add User

Post adding the store, you can add the numbers of users you wish to provide the facility of adding an offer for each store.

Step 5: Purchase Plan

Choose the plan as per your business requirement from the flexible plans we offer for various business types. Use your credit/debit card at the payment gateway to purchase the plan.

Submitting an Offer

Step 1: Log in

Log on to shoppyfier app from your android or iOS device.

Step 2: Load your offer

Shoppyfier platform allows you to load “Regular offers” which are either long term in nature OR “Flash offer” which are short term and dynamic (time bound)

Step 3: Offer

Under tab “Add offer” choose the type of offer and complete the fields required.

Step 4: Regular offer

Fill all the details of the offer and provide the time frame of the offer.

Step 5: Flash offer

Fill all the details of the offer and provide the time slot you would like to run the offer. We currently have 4 time slots to suit your business demands.

Step 6: Validity

Based on the validity whether a Regular or Flash offer, the offer will be made available for the users to avail of. The Terms and conditions of the offer are provided by you.

Step 7: Redeem

When the users displays the QR code at the time of redeeming the offer, open your app and chose the scan QR code button. A successful match may lead you to be the “Best Seller” of the locality