FAQs for Business

  • Q. How do I promote my business through shoppyfier?

    A. Log in to www.shoppyfier.com and complete the sign-up page. You will be directed through a step by step guide which will give you the ability to promote your offers on Shoppyfier. Alternately, you can write to promote@shoppyfier.com and someone from the team will get back to you.

    Q. Is promoting my business offers on Shoppyfier expensive?

    A. Absolutely not, we have pricing plans starting from FREE to very affordable prices to meet the business needs.

    Q. Can I sell products from this app?

    A. No, you cannot sell products from this app as this app empowers you to push the offers which otherwise you may not be able to communicate to many people. We leave the selling part to you which you are good at, we bring the customer at your door step and leave the sale part in your able hands.

    Q. Can I sign-up using the Shoppyfier app?

    A. No, you cannot sign-up using the Shoppyfier app however you can access www.shoppyfier.com through the Internet Explorer of your hand held device (if you do not have access to a computer) and sign-up for your business.

    Q. What is a flash offer?

    A. A flash sale is a type of offer where the merchant wants to reward its consumers with an instant, time bound, deal. Example of such deals could be, buy 1 get 2 free only between 4pm-5pm, all items in the store for Rs. 99 from 10am-11am etc.

    Q. What is a Regular offer?

    A. A regular offer is a type of offer which is generally long term or even short term but doesn’t require immediate action unless it is closer to expiration. Example of such deal could be buy 1 get 1 free; valid from 1st May – 31st May.

    Q. What is the use of scanning the QR code when it is an existing offer?

    A. First it identifies that the users was brought to you from Shoppyfier and secondly the more you have successful scan, you could become a Shoppyfier “Best Seller” for that locality which will mean that your offer will always be displayed on top giving you more footfall.

    Q. How can I make a payment for the subscription for Shoppyfier?

    A. We have a payment gateway and you can pay using any of the convenient methods available on the gateway.